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Sell your Las Vegas, NV home and move onto Freedom with Vanlife. Why People chose Vanlife. Penny O’Brien 702.321.9383 TRENDING, no more sticks and bricks.

HI all, If you’re not familiar with Vanlife now is the time to learn about it.  I am in no way an expert on Vanlife.  I have spoke with people who live the lifestyle and have researched Vanlife for a number of years.  My take on it is: that  it…

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Address of the Raiders Stadium, 3333 Al Davis Way, Las Vegas, NV 89118

Hi there, Exciting news to learn that Las Vegas is will be opening July 31st, 2020, but that hasn’t stopped Las Vegas residents and visitors alike from eagerly anticipating the Las Vegas Raiders’ brand new stadium. Currently under construction, the cost of  $1.8 billion dollar stadium is called the Allegiant…

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Scotch 80 in Las Vegas Nevada, Historical Homes prices Vintage Vegas. Where Big name entertainers and casino business Used to live

Hi everyone, Here is a little bit of fun information about Scotch 80 Vintage home neighborhood.  A Vegas original, taking its name from the historic Scotch 80s neighborhood where big-name entertainers and casino business hot shots resided in the years gone by. Here are a few homes that are for…

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VIDEO: Down payment assistance. FreddieMac-Single Family, Freddie Mac Borrow Smart Program Las Vegas. Penny O’Brien 702.321.9383 Realtor HPF Homeownership Preservation Foundation

Hi there, Welcome to my blog and thank you for taking the time to learn about the wonderful Freddie Mac Borrow Smart Program. It’s a great program. Freddie Mac remains committed to working with community participants to find innovative ways to help more borrowers overcome persistent challenges to home ownership.…

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Have a good job and money but Bad Credit to buy a home? contact Las Vegas Realtor Penny O’Brien 702.321.9383

Hi there, thank you for checking out my post, Penny Prices of homes are usually the main starting fact in  the purchase of a home. If you have a great job, make wonderful money, have money saved but have bad credit.  NO worries I can help you get your credit…

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