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Sell your Las Vegas, NV home and move onto Freedom with Vanlife. Why People chose Vanlife. Penny O’Brien 702.321.9383 TRENDING, no more sticks and bricks.

HI all,

If you’re not familiar with Vanlife now is the time to learn about it.  I am in no way an expert on Vanlife.  I have spoke with people who live the lifestyle and have researched Vanlife for a number of years.  My take on it is: that  it is the way of the future.  Without judgement I am going to give you some of my views on the trend.

Personally, I think it’s going to be the trend for many years to come.  Many People who live in Sticks and Bricks are just a few paychecks away from being homeless.  Again, no judging here, it’s just my opinion.  I do believe if you are working your life away for housing and don’t really even like where you live then let’s discuss Vanlife.

Many people are struggling to pay rent or their mortgage.  I understand your situation.  I see it all the time.  It’s common in all age groups and ethnic backgrounds.  I as a single female, soon to be 60.  I am going to do the Vanlife when it all is in good timing.

Why People chose Vanlife:

Save Money

Freedom from the Sticks and Bricks


Minimal lifestyle

Love Nature

To live off Grid

Love the Tiny home idea

Like to move around the United States

More free time to do what you want

Protect the environment

many more reasons.

If you are in the need to sell your sticks and bricks.  Please call me and I’ll help you sell it and move on.  I have over 22 years Real Estate Experience helping buyers and sellers in Las Vegas, Henderson, Southwest area of the valley, north Las Vegas.

Call, text or email me anytime.  Realtor, Penny @ 702.321.9383





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