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When it comes to living off Grid in Las Vegas I am going to be honest with you, there are not many options. Las Vegas is not living off the grid friendly. Las Vegas discourages living in a tiny home, living off grid or anything remotely close to that lifestyle.

Since Las Vegas and NV in general is all about gaming we have strict laws that many states do not have. Gaming makes it hard to do anything different. Tiny houses are almost a no go here. Downtown has a tiny home community but that is a rarity. If you want to buy an acre in Las Vegas and put a tiny house on it. Forget about it. It’s not going to happen. There are too many restrictions. Zoning laws will not allow it.

Pahrump NV also has strict laws for the tiny home movement. I have been trying for a number of years to move out to Pahrump and it’s almost impossible to go off grid there. They make you have a well and sewer. If you’re wanting to live off grid that means you don’t need/want running water, sewer or electricity.

If you want to move around every two weeks the BLM land in NV is abundant. NV does have ample BLM land, Bureau of Land Management 67% of Nevada which is close to 48 million acres belong to the American people. Whether you enjoy the amazing beautiful landscapes of the West by horseback, off-highway vehicle, hiking, hunting or fishing, you share our common heritage of public lands. Having Access to wide open spaces is in the soul of Nevada history.

What I am seeing from people who want to live off grid or are vanlife adventurers these people are spending their time in AZ. AZ is more friendly and accommodating to RVer’s, campers and Vanlifer’s. I too agree with them on moving onto AZ after perhaps spending time out at Red Rock or Mt. Charleston. Many Hikers love these areas of Las Vegas.

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