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Reasons to Use a Realtor

You may be thinking about selling your home yourself and not contracting with a Realtor.

Here are some things to consider about the value a professional Real Estate agent provides to you when selling your home.

A Realtor can provide an objective look at your home and make suggestions to make your home more marketable. As a professional, a Realtor understands the market and the special considerations of your neighborhood. They know what will sell and what buyers are looking for.

The Realtor has an understanding of the current market conditions and values, As a professional, a Realtor understands the market and the special considerations of your neighborhood. They know what will sell and what buyers are looking for.

The Realtor has an understanding of the current market conditions and values, which may lead to a quicker sale and possibly top dollar. They will know how to price your home so that it will sell in a reasonable amount of time and you will get the most value from that sale as possible. The longer a home is in on the market due to lack of exposure, the more likely a prospective buyers assumes there is a problem with the home.

A Realtor can get more exposure for your home. The Multiple Listing Service is a database of homes for sale that most Realtor’s have access to. It’s the fastest and easiest way to get your home in front of thousands of realtors instantly. Additionally, most realtors now have web sites to provide even greater exposure for you home to potential buyers.

A realtor will write your ads and place them in the newspaper or in a professional real estate magazine. Realtors are not only Real Estate experts, but they also understand the methods of successfully marketing your home to get the interest of buyers. They have the resources and mechanisms to get your home in front of thousands of buyers.

Agents provide quality and eye catching street signs to insure high visibility, along with flyers containing details of your home. A professional looking and attractive sign in front of the home with easy to access details sets the expectation to the buyer that they are dealing with professionals. That gives everyone confidence in moving forward in the sales process.

You’ll have the confidence and security of not dealing with strangers in your home. A Realtor knows how to pre-screen potential buyers to know who is serious and who is not. They won’t let “just anyone” walk through your home.

You don’t need to be present to show your home. A professional Realtor works with buyers by appointment and brings them to see your home. You can continue your daily routines and weekend activities without having the disruption of waiting for potential buyers who never come when they say they will or don’t show up at all.

The realtor can provide an electronic lockbox so other realtors may show your property. This is a secure device that safely stores your house key so other Realtors can bring buyers to see your home. This makes it more convenient for other Real Estate professionals and their buyers to view your home.

A realtor can conduct informative and professional tours of your home through open houses. A Realtor will commit their time and staff to advertising and hosting an open house to show your home to many buyers. This is a way of capturing buyers who are just looking and a great way for the Realtor to qualify their intentions before you need to deal with them.

The realtor who provides the buyer, will get the buyer pre-qualified. The successful Realtor works with buyers whom they know qualify for the financial requirements to purchase your home. They usually have a relationship with a mortgage lender and work together to qualify buyers.

There is less chance of missing details when negotiating the offer. A Realtor is professionally trained and has the support of a broker, so they know all the legal points and negotiating points to address when negotiating on your behalf.

There are fewer emotions involved with questions regarding the property and its sale. Selling your home can be an emotional experience. The Realtor, acting on your behalf, can insulate you from potentially uncomfortable situations in the negotiating process.

The seller is required by law to provide disclosures in writing on lead based paint, mold and pest issues. The seller must supply a Real Property Disclosure form that details the condition of the property. The seller must also provide a Home Owner’s Association package that includes CC&R’s, by-laws, minutes, budgets and any lawsuits. In addition, the seller must disclose any information on highways, casinos and landfills (contamination) that will affect the property. The Realtor would be responsible for all the above disclosures.

The Realtor usually has a relationship with the lenders and escrow officers, which can expedite the process. Because they transact real estate sales on a monthly basis, the Realtor has strong business relationships with the other companies and individuals who need to be involved in making sure the sale gets completed properly and efficiently.

A real estate agent can assist in helping you find a new home. Once you have established a good working relationship with your Realtor, you now have a strong ally to work on your behalf finding a new home for you and your family.

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